Marinated goat cheese
Prodigal Farm cheese selection 
Though our farm is centered around our goats and the cheeses we craft from their milk, we craft other exceptionally fresh items for your table, including deliciously, decadent chevre-cakes and breads made with whey from our goats' milk.


"I don't like goat cheese—but I love this!" We hear this time and again. As best we can figure, this must be due to the way we raise our goats, which is truly unique. Our goats are pasture-raised, not confined to barns. They are moved to fresh pasture every few days. We built portable sheds on skids, which we pull with the tractor, following the girls wherever they go. Goats love to "browse" on vines, pine branches, the tasty things you find at the edge of the woods. So we let them go there. It makes us smile looking at their glee each time we move them.

We make our cheese the same way, through careful observation and taste—isn't it all about taste in the end? Kathryn attended the nationally recognized Farmstead Cheese short course at North Carolina State University. We are members of the Southern Cheesemakers Guild. Mostly, we love to experiment with new cheeses, thinking what we might bring to you next month or next season.

We make our fresh, ripened and aged chevres by hand, right here, using only the milk of our own herd. We make cheese only from milk that is entirely free of antibiotics and added hormones. We produce a variety of cheeses, many in the French "bloomy rind" surface-ripened style. Surface ripened cheeses are always paper wrapped so that they can breathe and develop, and should not be wrapped in plastic.

prodigal farm selles sur cher

prodigal farm field of creams
  Field of Creams

prodigal farm cambozola

Chevre: One friend called it "mouth clouds!" Your best friend, the one you want to call every day. Plain chevre is an epiphany when paired with hot-pepper jelly on a cracker. Our signature Bollywood Poire—with sweet and hot curry and a preserves made from our heirloom asian pears and ginger—is sneaky and addictive. The herbes-de-provence just screams happy goats in a field of herbs. We also offer strawberry, jalapeno, and roasted garlic with chipotle.

Marinated Feta: Creamy, crumbly feta marinated in olive oil, rosemary, crushed garlic, crushed red pepper, cracked black pepper

Crottin: These little 2 to 3 ounce cheeses are sweet and white, moist and mild; they are the perfect showcase for the qualities of our goats' milk. Aged 3 to 4 weeks, they have a snowy white edible rind, and are delightful on a cracker, or very gently melted.

NEW (and yet familiar) Hunkadora: Many of you have known and loved our Selles-sur-Cher, with its snowy rind and layer of vegetable ash. It's a delicious cheese, but fragile and unpredictable. We've been tinkering with the recipe, and I know you'll love what you taste. We've named our post-makeover baby after the town down the road of us, which you now know as Bahama. Before the railroad came through in the late 1800's, it was the little town of Hunkadora. We decided to commemorate that little bit of local history with this perfect cheese.

Field of Creams: Our own creation, a disc of soft-ripened cheese with a herbed rind of rosemary, juniper berries, pepper and other herbs which perfume the interior "paste" of the cheese as it ages. Eat the rind or just the paste—as you wish. Let it age a little longer until the interior becomes a silky pudding, slice off the top, and scoop out the interior to spread on a slice of bread—a lovely picnic.

Cambozola: A tall cylinder of snowy white camembert-style cheese with a subtle layer of blue inside, and a firm elegant paste. A stunner on a cheese plate.

prodigal farm chevre cake Chevre Cakes

Having a dinner party? A birthday? Or just need a little pick-me-up? We use our chevre to make decadent, wonderful cheesecakes. Our two classic flavors are lemon with raspberry and truffle-rich chocolate. Each week, we also offer a special flavor depending on the season or our latest inspiration. Some of our favorites are mexcan mocha, peppermint stick with chocolate, pumpkin with bourbon, coconut lime, blueberry cardamom, and cranberry with triple sec.

The 4" are a dainty treat for 2 or a fancy dessert for 1. The 8" and 10" cheesecakes are quite thick. The 8" cake serves 8-10 generous portions or more if you have dainty eaters. The 10" cake serves 12 to 14 generous portions.

Farm fresh bread Breads

We make wholesome homestyle breads using locally milled whole and unbleached flour and whey from our goats. It's simple and remarkably fortifying.

We find that toast usually isn't enough for a farmer's breakfast, but the whey in our bread adds a low-fat protein source that transforms two slices of bread and a spot of jam into sustenance for a morning's work. At the end of a long day, come home, toast a slice and put a bit of our cheese on it. Pair that with a glass of wine and you'll leave the office behind.

Farm fresh cheese


Affinage (AH-fee-nahj) (noun) French: maturing; the art of refining cheese.

Cheeses must be nurtured. They are brushed to keep the rind breathing properly, flipped to distribute minerals evenly, washed to keep moisture, or even bathed in wine or brandy! All to make it better; all to promote the flavor of the people and animals and land it came from.

In France, most cheesemongers sell a bloomy-rind goat cheese unripened, and customers ripen it at home, to the point of their preference. As it ripens, the flavor intensifies, and at a certain point the paste begins to turn into a silky pudding. If the moisture content is low, the cheese will become more dry, with a more chalky consistency. To ripen, the cheese must be able to breathe, or the taste will start to smell a bit "off." Experiment! Be the master of your cheese! Do you like it young, innocent and mild, or mature and saucy?

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