Afternoon goat nap
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1 July: Coraline reaching for a choice bit


1 July: Janet and Eisenhower test out his newly healed leg


1 July: Cici and Etouffee


1 July: Madeline and Eartha


1 July: Jeremy sharing a leaf with Eremy


1 July: Janet and Early


15 May: We're excited to welcome Cici and Rick Egli to the farm! They will be staying with us and pitching in over the next month.



15 May: Madeline mobbed with baby goats


15 May: A mom and her new baby get to know each other


8 May: Fun at the open house!


4 May: Meet Egg!


4 May: Janet and Egg snuggling


4 May: Time for milking


4 May: Mmmm ... delicious feed!


4 May: Dave and the girls get into a milking routine


26 Apr: An exciting first bus ride for all the babies


26 Apr: Enjoying the ride


26 Apr: Eisenhower is feeling better!


26 Apr: Baby goats are irresistable!


19 Apr: Dandelion nursing Eclipse


19 Apr: Miracle with Dandelion as a baby


19 Apr: Miracle as a baby


19 Apr: Jeremy on the bus ramp mobbed with babies


19 Apr: Emma and Eclipse


13 Apr: Miracle with triplets Eclair, Eggnog and Elmo


13 Apr: Babies on the bus ramp


13 Apr: Jeremy with Coraline


13 Apr: Madeline mugged by baby goats


13 Apr: Eugenia, Evander, Ejidius (triplets) under the bus


5 Apr: Jocelyn with her 2 new boys, Ezekiel and Ebenezer


5 Apr: Caroline with Electra and Ebony


5 Apr: Bubbles (due any day) and Eva trotting up to say hi


5 Apr: The girls enjoy their bus


28 Mar: Cissy and Elliot get to know each other


28 Mar: Cissy welcomes Elliot


28 Mar: A pround mom


28 Mar: Early wears this season's latest fashion


23 Mar: Ernest enjoys the Spring sun


23 Mar: Ernest, Eloise & Eva consider breakfast


23 Mar: Naptime with friends


23 Mar: Cordelia with Emmett & Erwin


1 Mar: Madeline planting seedlings for Spring planting


1 Mar: Jeremy hanging out with the girls


1 Mar: Our pregnant girls are starting to get wide! And they are really starting to hit the hay ...


8 Feb: Janet on Big John moving the goat shed


1 Feb: In a couple of years, Donut will be Mojo's size


1 Feb: Bridget and the boy goats


1 Feb: If we're really quiet, no one can see us under the bus!


23 Jan: Daniella and Dorothea enjoy an afternoon siesta


23 Jan: It is good to have horns!


17 Jan: The girls munching on a post-Christmas treat


15 Jan: Dave's son, George, keeps three of his polo horses at the farm


15 Jan: The girls enjoying their bus


26 Dec: Dave on the tractor


26 Dec: Snow on the farm


18 Dec: Thanks to everyone who showed up for our Christmas open house! We had a great turnout and the goat girls enjoyed their festive santa hats. The weather cooperated with a gorgeous afternoon snow which we watched from inside while gobbling chevrecake samples. We didn't take an official poll but the favorite had to be a tie between chocolate and peppermint stick!


18 Dec: Kat and Simon get into the Christmas spirit


18 Dec: Holiday harmony on the farm: Bridget and our big buck Waddell, old friends snuggling together


18 Dec: Nothing says Christmas like goats in hats!


29 Nov: Clementine is nearly two years old. She was the tiniest, most adorable kid when we got her, along with 19 other little bits, from Sammy Gray in Chatham County. Everyone, even crusty old farmers, commented on how cute she was.


29 Nov: Clemenine's baby, Dido (front), with her older classmates


21 Nov: Many thanks to everyone who joined us at the cheesetasting on Sunday! It was a great event and we were thrilled to see so many good friends.


19 Nov: Coco gives Mojo a warm hello


19 Nov: Coco is one of our most petite "big girls." She has such a charming personality, and a "smile" on her face (some goats just seem to do that more than others).


19 Nov: Coco gives Mojo a warm hello


19 Nov: Coco is one of our most petite "big girls." She has such a charming personality, and a "smile" on her face (some goats just seem to do that more than others).


12 Nov: Dave finished the schoolbus, so the girls have their new spacious mobile home! We've got ramps leading into both doors, and cozy straw bedding inside. The girls were playing king of the mountain with the ramps, and having a big time exploring.


12 Nov: Some of the girls heading for the back of the bus!


4 Nov: Waddell is one of our largest goats. We've had him for several years and he is always quite besotted with several of our girls!


31 October: Daylight in her fairy costume ready to go trick-or-treating with our intern, Janet!


23 October: Daniella has been feeling better this week after a bout with "goat polio." Although not an unusual or contagious disease, it can be serious and we are glad she is back on her feet!


23 October: Offerings from this week's market, including our famous Bollywood Poire Chevre, Crottin, and Selle sur Cher.


16 October: Prodigal Farm at the Hillsborough Market


16 October: Dave is at the Hillsborough Farmer's Market in the Home Depot parking lot on Saturdays ... stop by!


16 October World's Best Dog posed elegantly in front of this week's sign!


18 and 19 September: We had a great time at the 5th Annual Eastern Triangle Farm Tour! Thanks to everyone stopped by to visit. We've included a few pictures for folks who missed it. This one is a very lucky goat with a new friend!


Thanks to Judy and all the wonderful volunteers who helped us with check in and so many other things!


Kat preparing for the big event.


It is always a good time to take in the view!


Tasting is always the best part!


Dave gives a tour showing how the dairy works—great cheese involves an extensive process.


14 August: The girls are getting used to the new milking process ... we love to watch them do happy goat dances on their way to work!


23 July: The dairy is coming along and will hopefully open in two weeks!


23 July: Wall of fridges for cheese and eggs.


23 July: Lots of sink and counter space!


23 July: Chilled tank for the milk.


30 April: Dave and Doobette say hello and happy weekend!


24 April: Oliver and Daylight make friends.


16 April: All the new babies snuggled up for bed.


9 April: Kat with one of our most recent additions!


7 April: Coraline had twins today—welcome to Dusty and Daisy!


5 April: Our first baby of the season—congratulations Chrysanthemum and welcome Daffodil!


28 March: The dairy with walls and a roof!


11 March: Prodigal Farm is designated Animal Welfare Approved


8 March: Dave begins framing the milking parlor

Thanks to Becky Rockwood for taking some beautiful pictures at Prodigal Farm! See the full series at her website, Little Mischiefs Studios.


Evening mist at Prodigal Farm
early spring mist over the farm


Oliver in the field
summer haying


Prodigal Farm winter snow
rare winter snow


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